5 reason why a pre wedding session are important

19th January 2020 - News



Most newly engaged couples usually overlook the pre wedding session. You have a 101 things to organise for your wedding day and this always slips their minds. Why? because most people don’t like having their photos taken and don’t really want to do it again.Which means it isn’t something they think about. This is why I always include it in my wedding collections and here are five reasons why pre-wedding sessions are important and why every couple should plan for it.


1. The photographer gets to know the couple


A Pre-wedding session is not all about taking the best shots, it is also a period when the photographer and the soon to be wedded couple intermingle get to know each other. The photographer gets to know their couple. They can understand how they may react while in front of the camera. The photographer gets to know what angles they like, whether they are shy or something during clicking that can make them uncomfortable. This is a very important step as it helps in knowing the couple better, it brings out issues that may arise during the actual wedding day and prepare the photographer for any eventuality. With such knowledge, the photographer will be prepared, and the photo session will turn out flawless, delivering desired photos that will be cherished for a long time.



2. Establishing a level of comfort


In a pre-wedding session, a comfort level is established between the couple and the photographer. With the wedding day being such an important event, being clicked by a totally unknown person may seem strange or a bit weird, not as how you may be comfortable with someone familiar. The couple, in turn, will be relaxed in their actions.



3. Learning the natural behaviour


The photographer will learn the couple’s natural behaviour and gently guid the couple in to moments by asking the questions or even giving them things todo. The chemistry will become clearer, helping capture moments when the couple are in their true selves, not just when they are making poses.




4. The couple gets to work out the photographer


Every couple can be unsure about the photographer’s abilities in creating the captions they have in mind. But with a pre-wedding session, you have a chance to work out the photographer’s skills and see whether you all are on the same wave length as you. You will have a chance to see what the photographer will give you on the day itself, making you feel assured that you will get what all of you have planned and how the wedding day will be done.



5. Pre-wedding photos for you & your guests


Pre-wedding sessions give you photos that can be used for events prior to the wedding day. You may want to use some of the captions to send invites to your friends. Or put up in your home to remember how your love journey began.



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