Commercial Photography

2nd place at the Harajuku nail competition with Scarlett Senter


I offer some great packages to help promote your business

Have you ever wanted to take your business to the next level, either by updating your website with head shots or entering competitions.

I can help you do all this



I offer an arrange of great sessions to help promote your business with my photography.

Portrait Session – This is great for competition or posters for your salon.

Half / Full day sessions – This is great to get images for your website, advertising brochures and staff portraits – show the world who you are.


>>Drop me a line and let’s chat! I want to meet you<<


Foot of a bench made from airplane parts

A-TM Engineering 1950 cars Cuticle cutters for Katie Barnes academy Set of cuticle cutters from Katie Barnes Academy Sign for Sonia Rose Tattoos Sonia Rose tottooing Welding work on a car excused for A-TM Enineering




>Drop me a line and let’s chat! I want to meet you<<

To request my make over session brochures for more information on prices or for any enquiries please fill out the form above or email me at [email protected]

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