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24th May 2017 - News

So on todays Blog I wanted to share one of my shoots with you all. I have asked my model (Jenna) to say a few words to.

I love to go out and be creative, I wish I had a team of people with me, one day!

A few words form Jenna….

Doing a shoot with Arienne is always fun.  For me, it’s a chance to dress up, put on some crazy make-up and funk up my hair, what girl wouldn’t like that?! 

Arienne had some specific images she wanted to capture, to catch the best light for the first shoot we got up at the crack of dawn and headed down to the deserted beach.  It was worth the early start; the photos were fantastic.  We let off some coloured smoke bombs and the effects were truly breath taking.  I love the images she took of me; they were very flattering and I have received a lot of positive feedback for them.

For the second shoot we headed off into the woods.  I did a quick change of clothes and toned down the make-up.  Again Arienne had a specific shot she wanted to capture.  We traipsed around the woods looking for the best back drop.  She wrapped me in yards and yards of satin fabric draping the rest through the trees.  The results were some very dramatic images which again were very flattering.

Arienne is easy to work with; she’s very focused and knows how to give direction for capturing the best angles in the best light.  I can’t wait for our next shoot together! – Jenna


Jenna and I went to Heacham beach one very early morning (and I mean early, up at 4 left the house at 5am) I had some ideas I wanted to try and couldn’t wait to to get shooting. It was so still and quiet. The sea was out and the sun was then coming up. Was just perfect. I bought some smoke bombs and the night before we had talked about colours and hair styles. We did loads of different things with the smoke bombs, twirling around with them, then finnished off putting them between some rocks so it looked like the smokes was pouring out of the rocks. Just PERFECT!! So here is my fav’ image from the beach…..


We then went to the woods near Kings Lynn, had been advised by a photographer friend that it was great to shoot here..  again I wanted something very out there!! and I got it..


here are some others from the shoot…. Enjoy x






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