Fun day with the ladies shooting nails.

25th February 2018 - News



Fun day with the ladies shooting nails.


I love shooting weddings but it’s a lot of fun now and then to have a studio day working on my skills and entering competitions.

On January the 20th I worked with the very talented Scarlett Senter from Scarlett Senter nail artist photographing her amazing nails for a nail competition she wanted to enter. We had Christabel Franklin doing the make up and hair and Sam Bocking as the model. We work great as a team and have so much fun getting ready and setting up.

We started really early on the Saturday morning starting with the 80’s look. Christabel was already there doing hair and make up when I arrived. I set up the lights and the bright pink back drop. We had balloons to add to the look. Scarlett being a great host had done nibbles and supplied us with loads of tea!















Sam is a great model, listens and takes direction well. She has a great smile and photographs beautifully. We tried a few different poses and used the balloons to get the look we were after.

Here is the final image.


I love this look, the colours really pop and nails look stunning.



So we move on… yep you guessed it! Another transformation..




Time for something amazing and different!!!




Wait for it ….




Sorry guys its just me editing … well checking my phone lol



Yep thats me.. being poorly and editing whilst the next look is being created. This look will take a few hours so I thought I’d sit back and edit the 80’s look while I wait.




I’d changed my lighting settings and talked to Scarlett about the pose, we only needed one pose for this next look and we both knew what we wanted. So time for me to chill and edit.

Oh yes you guessed right I like star wars ( I hear ya! …. Geek!)




Christabell worked her magic on this next look, creating a dragon monster! AMAZING!!

Starting with the eye make up then the horns and ears followed by the contacts and the body paint. A great transformation.

I changed my back drop from the pink to the black, did a few test shots and upped my lighting a little. I gave Sam a crystal ball and her some guidance on how I needed her to be posed and what she was doing. With the great help of Scarlett getting her fingers and nails in to the right spot we nailed it.

Once home after a few to many hours editing I added a dark castle in the back ground and replaced the crystal ball with a fireball it really brought the image to life.

Here is the final image. I love it.

Everyone did such a great job on it I am very honoured I got to be apart of it and to have such a cool image at the end.

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