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Capturing Memorable Moments


A Wedding Photographer's Adventure in Norfolk Party Images

arienne jonas photographer dancing on a full dancefloor

This photo was taken as the second shooter for Steve Harrowing Photography

Weddings are an occasion filled with joy, laughter, and of course, plenty of unforgettable moments. Amidst the beautiful chaos, one person plays a pivotal role in preserving these memories for a lifetime—the wedding photographer.

bride swapped cloths with best man then ran on to the dancefloor in the the suit

The Dance Floor Mayhem: Ah, the dance floor—the heart of every wedding reception. As a wedding photographer in Norfolk, I've witnessed my fair share of dance floor mishaps. From Uncle Bob showing off his questionable moves to Aunt Martha's enthusiastic twirls that threaten to knock over the cake, it's a treasure trove of amusing shots. It's moments like these that remind me why I always keep my camera ready for action!

guest at the wedding busting the moves on a busy dancefloor with a live band and lazer lights everywhere

The Over-Enthusiastic Dancers: Every wedding has that one guest who takes their dancing a little too seriously. They're the ones who transform the dance floor into their stage, with moves that would make even professional dancers raise an eyebrow. As a photographer, it's a delightful challenge to capture these enthusiastic dancers mid-air or in gravity-defying poses. Their commitment to entertaining everyone is truly commendable!

guest dancing with glow sticks hands in the air screaming the song as loud as they can

The Candid Camera: While staged photos are an essential part of any wedding album, it's the candid shots that truly capture the essence of the event. I've become an expert at capturing those unguarded moments when the bride's veil accidentally wraps around the groom's face or when the flower girl decides to take a detour to the dessert table. These candid images add an extra layer of charm and humour to the wedding album.

bride pointing to the guest groom with cake in his hand ready to feed his bride at Oxnead Hall

The Cake-Cutting Comedy: Watching couples attempt to gracefully cut the wedding cake is always an entertaining experience. From hesitant slices to frosting mishaps, it's a comedy of errors that never fails to bring a smile to everyone's faces. As a wedding photographer, it's my mission to capture these precious moments of cake-cutting chaos—those priceless expressions of surprise, embarrassment, and laughter.

grandparents having a long chat in the evening

The Family Drama: Weddings often bring together a diverse group of individuals, resulting in inevitable family drama. As a photographer, I've found myself in the middle of heated arguments between relatives or caught on camera the infamous eye rolls exchanged between in-laws. While these moments may be tense for the people involved, they make for unforgettable snapshots that provide a dose of humour when looking back at the wedding day.

photobomb from

The Unexpected Photobombers: No wedding album is complete without a few unexpected photobombers. Whether it's a mischievous child sticking their tongue out or a curious squirrel making an appearance, these spontaneous additions inject a touch of whimsy into the photographs. They remind us that even during meticulously planned events, there's always room for delightful surprises.

two flower girls letting loose on the dance floor holding hands whilst smoke feels the dance floor

The Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Antics: The ring bearer and flower girl are often the youngest participants in a wedding, and their antics are guaranteed to steal the show. From running in the opposite direction to scattering flowers with wild abandon, they bring an element of unpredictability to the proceedings. As a photographer, capturing their mischievous adventures adds a touch of innocent charm to the wedding album.

guest dancing and screaming to the music with hands in the air

Conclusion: Being a wedding photographer in Norfolk means being prepared for anything and everything that unfolds on the big day. From hilarious dance floor mishaps to candid snapshots of family drama, the adventure never ceases. These humorous moments, preserved through the lens, not only bring joy but also serve as a reminder of the laughter and love that makes each wedding unique. So, the next time you find yourself looking through a wedding album, keep this in mind. No photo is a bad photo but a memory of what has happened.

couple dancing at a wedding black and white

evening guest with masks on drinking and singind with arms around each other

singers on the dance floor getting everyone to put their hands up in the air with lights  and fans blowing hair around

bride dancing on the dancefloor with her vips pointing her fingers with her sunglasses

singers on the dance floor getting everyone to put their hands up in the air with lights  and fans blowing hair around

photobombing with peace sign and happy faces dancing all aound

lady with drinking in her hand lost in the music with her eyes shut dancing with everyone around her


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