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Norfolk Beach Family Photography


When I make pictures, my goal is always to take myself out of the equation.

Sometimes, even though your photographer isn’t in the photo, there can be all of this evidence of them in the making of it – stiff fingers and frozen grins – and it pulls you out of the pictured moment and into the process of making the image.

I want to draw you into the moment instead of pulling you out. I love a gap-toothed, oversized grin or a strand of hair blowing in the wind. I love all the parts of you that beg not to be contained.

That’s why these photos bring me so much joy. As we played on the beach and chased kiddos around the sand, I became a witness to their silliness and creativity and energy and vibrancy.

And for the 1000th time, while taking pictures, I fell completely in love with these two families, this beach, and this wild and wonderful life.

Can you tell I have missed my job?

It was cold, it was windy, and it was amazing!!! I can not wait to do more.


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