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27th May 2020 - News

Preparing to get back to work

I have been really busy behind the scenes keeping up to date with how my business can move forward. Learning more about the Covid-19 and keeping uptodate with the government guidelines, so I can ensure we all are safe when I shoot.

My back to work plan has started with keeping everyone safe. I have taken sometime doing online courses on how to be safe and keep others safe whilst I shoot. Even though there is no specific course for photographers on this, I have done other course that I feel I now have more understanding on how this affects people to assure you I am 100% prepared for your safety with hygiene. My COVID-19 barbicide certificate and participation in a certificate for the infection prevention and control of coronavirus with the WHO.


I have bought a mask and filters for myself to wear to help my clients will feel safe. I carry anti-bacterial wipes and gels in my camera bag at all times anyway as you never know when you will need them. I will also be using a longer lens to take the same great shots from further away.

Outdoors locations session

I am now planning my family mini sessions with 5 outdoor locations (as long as car parks are open), I will be doing shorter times and bigger breaks between each sessions to limit exposure. I really want to avoid parents being worried about passers by so I am making sure I pick locations and times in the hope these areas won’t be so busy.

Facemasks, sanitizing gel and wipes will be used throughout the sessions.

I ask that everyone who books a session to inform me as soon as possible if they are feeling unwell. So we can keep everyone safe and rebook your session in for a later date.

I ask on the day of your session you do not text/DM me as I do not want to use my phone throughout the day, I have a hands free kit which I will use if you get lost or can’t make it please ring me, but I would prefer you to let me know the day before your session.

Home session (Newborn or families)

Sadly it is very hard to keep to the 2m social distancing rules so please bear with me, support me if you can and as soon as it is safe for me to do so. I’ll be back photographing your gorgeous families.

However much I want to get back to photographing newborns in your home, I know this isn’t possible which makes me so sad, and I am in the process on guiding my families on how to do this themselves in a safe and natural way.

When this is possible things will be very different

When I arrive at your home it will likely be very different from the process you are used to. I will be taking my time and asking you have a room ready for me before I arrive. This must be cleaned and have everything you want to use for the session in it ready to use. I would like only immediate family to be in the house – no extended relations. (maybe at a later date other members of the family can join us in the garden)

Again I will be wearing gloves and a facemask, for our protection. I would also like to ask you to do the same (please provide your own where possible). By the time this can happen I will have more knowledge and guidelines on what we can and cannot do.


This is where things are still on hold – I want to thank all my amazing couples. I couldn’t wish for anymore from you. You have all been fantastic in keeping me posted and uptodate on how you are feeling and with moving your wedding dates. I am always at the end of my phone if you want to talk.

I am hoping in the near future we can get back to some sort of normality. Although this may mean having a smaller number of guests.

IF we can do this I will be using longer lenses so I remain at a safe distance away, we will need to wash our hands regularly. Taking this all in to account this may affect the amount of photos I will be able to provide.


Please remember if you have any symptoms of Covid-19

Check the NHS Website on what to do next

Let me know you won’t be attending your session and once you have been tested and are feeling better we can rearrange your sessions.

Your life is more important.


 I am monitoring the situation daily and will edit this blog should any of the current information be updated.


Stay Alert – Stay safe – Save lives


Arienne Jonas – Prevent COVID-19

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