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24th February 2019 - News

AJ Feather Photography

People often ask me why I named my business AJ FEATHER Photography..

It’s a sad story but I find hope and love from it.

In 2012 I had the most devastating phone call of my life it was 5am in the morning and an unknown number was calling my mobile.. My dad from Thailand telling me my little brother had passed away in the night. Peter had type 1 Diabetes and had been poorly, he had been in hospital days before. They’d discarded him and through the night he had taken a turn for the worst and passed away. The news crushed me so much it has taken this long for me to be ok to talk about it fully.

Growing up Peter was a beautiful little boy full of laughter and smiles dealing with diabetes from a very young age was so difficult for him tho’. He was Massively in to his gaming and we both shared our love for Japan and Harry Potter. When he moved to Thailand to be with his dad go to university and see the world I was so proud of him. Little did I know it would be the last time I would see him.

After mum and I got back from Thailand I saw white feathers everywhere in door ways, in my car, at work even in my locker at the gym, it hit me like a tone of bricks .. growing up whilst running round after my little brother he asked me once what’s that white thing on the floor. I replied with a white feather, well where has that come from he asked me. I said when someone pass away they leave white feathers in your pathway to let you know they are still here. He had no clue what I meant he was only 4 but it made me think he will always be here in my life and in my heart!
So when I finally become strong enough to follow my dreams and start my own business I wanted him to be part of it!

My brother will always be by my side showing me the way and giggling at me when I make silly mistakes

Love you bro!!

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