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Hey I am Ari

Your photographer & creative partner-in-crime


My Story

I have a big heart and I love the little things in life;
A smile, good food and a movie!

I have been a photographer for over 10 years and I love each and every aspect of it. I am a self-taught photographer.

I have photographed weddings all around the world from my beautiful hometown in Norfolk all the way across the waters to Cuba and more. I have photographed some amazing products for people from aircraft furniture to some amazing nails for competitions and the front cover of magazines too.

I just love it all.

I have met some amazing families through my journey too who have really touched my heart. I like to help all my clients through the journey with me making every part as special as it can be. Whether it is planning your wedding photography or getting those little details right to get you that 1st place for your competition I am there to help every step of the way.


My Style 

I love romance - I adore seeing people in love. My style is warm, real with lots of laughter. The key things I look for is LOVE - LAUGHTER -LIGHT

I believe having a photographer should be an experience. In order to get the best out of my couples and families, I have to connect with them, make them feel at ease, make them feel comfortable enough to get intimate, make them laugh and have fun. Taking the actual shot is just a small part of my role as your photographer.

I am your friend with a camera, who acts silly and likes to explore, who will help you through your wedding day and will play silly games with the kids on family sessions.

More about me!

Arienne and Terry at a wedding together in Cornwall

I dance around everywhere, skipping along I think I even had a couple once say I was like Bambie (dear bounding around). I thought that was super nice as I love Disney films. I am a sucker for a fairy tale, even though I cry at anything soppy, (Yes, I am a crier, even at adverts - I hear ya! Adverts?? If it gets me the tears roll)

I would love to travel to Japan and explore their culture and see the beautiful sights. From the City to high up in the hills, I want to see it all. 

I love good food, Pasta is my thing. Also, I love a cocktail, whisky sour, margarita and lots of Rum. Maybe not altogether the hangover maybe too much for me. 



The name AJ Feather Photography.

My brother who gained his angel wings you can read the story here... but get your tissues ready, it's a sad one.

My partner, Terry. He is my rock!

He keeps me grounded and is my greatest fan and supporter.

We love watching movies together, going on adventures around the world, and rocking out at gigs too.

We also have a fur baby called Bella she is a Bengal cat and acts more like a dog than a cat, well bar all the sleeping all day you will see a lot of her on my Instagram page

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