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Princess Day at the studio in Swaffham

Princess sessions are all the rave right now. See what we got up to in April's Princess Session.

What an amazing day Believe in magic parties and I had at the studio in Swaffham, Norfolk. We were greeted with so many beautiful little ones.

I am so glad I got the big castle backdrop it definitely made the whole experience more magical.


Each session started with me greeting you into the studio, going through the rules of the studio and making you feel welcome. Then the little ones can have a look at the backdrop and setting area. I show them the lights and what they do. So they know what to expect.

We then call for the princess - SNOW QUEEN! WHERE ARE YOU?

Seeing their faces as the Snow Queen appears in the room is just magical, yep I cried! It is just so lovely seeing the little one's faces. Everyone gets hugs and then the Snow Queen works her magic.


We start off with storytime, full of action and sing-along songs. It is so nice to see the little ones going through the storybook and singing along.

Throughout the session, I capture all the little faces smiling and laughing.

ajfeather-photography-princess-studio-session-swaffham-norfolk-snow-queen-dancing-with little girl

Seeing the little ones so excited, singing and dancing with the Snow Queen from Believe in magic parties was truly magical. I loved that so many dressed up and had a great time.


After the storytime has ended we have a portrait with the Snow Queen then it's time for more fun, it's time to dance and do actions to a great sing along.


We finish the session off with a little bit of makeup and some fairy dust and make a wish!


and always more warm hugs - as Olaf always says

“Hi, everyone. I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!”

— Olaf

I then end the session with any request for photos. 20 mins of pure fun and smiles.

We can not wait for the next session - who will join me next time?

If you would like to be informed about the next Princess session follow this link and fill in the form.


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