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Wedding at Hunters Hall, Dereham - Danni and Tex


Best weather of the year so far. Warm and sunny with some clouds, just perfect!

Let's get to know Danni and Tex a bit more -

Danni and Tex have been together for 7 years. They met at a local pub in Swaffham, Danni worked behind a bar and Tex used to come in and always ask her out after a few drinks. After a few years (4 years so I found out in the speeches) of persistence, Danni gave in. They had their first date at Well-Next-The-Sea. This is also where Tex proposed to Danni a long the beach huts. So lovely!

Danni & Tex got married at Hunters Hall, Dereham, Norfolk. They loved the Victorian Barn and the fact they could have it all in one place. They used their favourite colours for the colour scheme in the wedding, blues and purples.

I asked what their biggest challenge was with planning their wedding day they said - The guest list. I understand this, knowing so many people who do you invite with out it costing way to much right?!

The day run so smoothly, even though there was a few hang overs - lol - it didn't matter everyone they loved was there and celebrating it with them.

One last question I ask all my couples what is your top tip for other couples looking to get married. Danni and Tex said " Don’t set a budget you won’t stick to it! "

Thank you for making me feel welcome and part of the family.

Enjoy your sneak peek.

Massive thank you to all the suppliers who made Danni and Tex day perfect

- check them out on instagram -

Dress - Crown Joolz

Suits - Style and joy boutique

Lights in ceremony -

Flowers - @prudencepetals

Second shooter - Matthew Clayton


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