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Wedding day at Oxnead Hall

bride groom sat on a bridge feet dangerling over with champage in their hands looking over the grounds at oxnead hall

Brandon and Georgia got married at Oxnead Hall, Norfolk on the 2nd of September 2023

The air is filled with anticipation as guests arrive at this splendid venue, eager to witness a celebration that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. With its rich history dating back centuries, Oxnead Hall weaves together tradition and modernity seamlessly, offering couples a canvas upon which they can paint their own unique love story. Join us as we unravel the magic and allure of weddings at Oxnead Hall in Norfolk—a place where timeless elegance meets contemporary romance in an unforgettable union of hearts and souls. Oxnead Hall is such a stunning setting for your wedding day with great staff who are there on hand to help every step of the way.

About Brandon and Georgia -

Brandon and Georgia met at a mutual friend party. Brandon was dressed in a very loud Hawaiian shirt, floral shorts and a pink bandana. Georgia thought he was a right idiot. He approached her and complimented my outfit, specifically my sunglasses, before introducing her to all his friends demanding they appreciate her outfit too! He spent the night making her laugh with his random chat before giving her his bandana and telling her I would have to see him again to give it back. They messaged the next day and saw each other again the day after. From then on, they saw each other every week before they officially started their relationship.

They have now been together for 4 years.

Where did you have your first date?

This is debatable. It was a while before we had an official first date.

When we first started seeing each other, we never had a proper first date. We did lots of activities, went for meals, watched movies, went for walks together without it being labelled a date, and just enjoyed time together before Brandon had to go away again for work. Our first proper date was when we were officially together and we went to Nandos.

Who proposed to whom? and how? I wanna know the mushy stuff

couple walking along the sand dues at holkham beach

Brandon proposed to Georgia on Christmas Morning.

Brandon tried to force me for a windy cold walk down the beach. I was fairly reluctant! Brandon convinced me we could stop along the way for a drink and spend time together before a busy day with family.

We walked quite far before I asked when we could stop for a sit-down, I didn't know Brandon was so nervous that he wasn't ready to stop. Brandon laid out a picnic blanket in my favourite spot on the dunes at Holkham.

He told me he had an extra Christmas present for me so I had to turn around until he was ready. Whilst facing the sea, he handed me a box and told me to open it. It was empty, I thought it was some joke I didn't understand. He told me to turn around, to him on one knee with a ring in his hand. It wasn't long before we were both crying. He tried to give a lovely speech but had to cut it short! He put the ring on my finger and had to ask for confirmation as I hadn't been able to say YES through my blubbering. We sat and drank champagne before sharing the news with all our family.

** I'm crying** I am such a soppy bugger! I took them back to the beach for their engagement session - It was magical

couple holding hands as they run down the sand dunes and towards the blue sea wind flowing in their hair
newly engaged couple on the beach toes in the sand and sea boy picks up girl and spins her round
couple under the blossom of the tree cuddle up close looking at each other getting ready to kiss engagement ring on show

I wanted to know why they picked what they did for their wedding day so I asked them some questions - This always helps me to see what is important to my couple.

Why did you pick the venue for your special day?

We loved Oxnead as soon as we drove through the gates. We were amazed at the house but more so the gardens and peacefulness of the location. We liked how everything was at one location, not having to move locations was important to us. There was so much to the whole venue, the multiple areas to have the ceremony, the rooms for guests, the huge barn, everything was what we wanted. We booked it as we were leaving the venue, we fell in love with it straight away and knew we had to get married here.

Why did you choose the colours for your wedding day?

We are not super loud people and wanted something elegant and smart.

We chose shades of blue to match Brandon's RAF uniform, it's also his favourite colour.

Pink just goes nicely with blue!

What was the biggest challenge when planning your wedding day?

Ensuring we could get everyone to the wedding

We both have big families, making sure we had everyone we possibly could.

What TOP TIP would you give other couples to help when they are planning their wedding day?

Compromise - We both had ideas of how we wanted our wedding and they didn't always match each other. We discussed our opinions and ideas together and thought about how we could either incorporate both of our ideas or if we couldn't agree to find something completely different instead. We found in our planning that we both had different priorities, so Brandon wanted control over the cake and entertainment and I wanted more control over the layout and little details in decorations. We made sure we both approved of each other's choices though.

bride and groom walking holding hangs flowers by her side with the lovely ruins at oxnead hall behind them

These two had the most magical wedding day at Oxnead Hall with the best suppliers by their side to make sure everything went smoothly,

I am honoured I got to spend the day capturing your family and friends and the most stunning location.

Massive thank you to this amazing team (Instagram handles)

Dress - @purebrides

Video - @javeryfilms

Hair - @cherrieimogenmakeup and @glowstylist_brandon

Flowers - @sassysfloraldesign

Second shooter - Eloise Pitcher

Dog sitter - @barkingmadnorwich

See a few of my fav' images from the day The morning was relaxing and the day was sunny with so much love from family and friends. Speeches made me cry and the Golden Hour was incredible and the evening madness was crazy good.

bride groom walking along the water with oxneads stunning gardensa and house behind then as the sun is setting
bride and groom walking through the oxneads gardens at sun set
bride and groom and pet dog sat on the steps to the water at oxnead hall
bride and groom belly laughing as they turn round to look at their photographer Arienne jonas at oxnead hall
bride putting her shoes on in the bridal suit at oxnead hall with sister helping her
out door ceremoney at oxnead hall all guest seated inbetween the trees very hot and sunny day
groom picking bride up on the dance floor and spinning her round with her arms up in the air
groom in his arm outfit kissing his bride on the cheek in the golden sun light
groom and bride holding hands in their ceremony outside at oxnead hall
happy couple holding hands spinning round as the sun is setting
big belly laugh from the bride as she see the best man doing something silly and groom looking on
dad crying as he sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress
dad and daughter first dance both of then laughing and holding hands
groomsmen and groom getting their moves on the dance floor all of them moving down low
group shot of bride with her besties in the oxnead garden
groom crying as his bride walkings down the tree aile
bride and groom walking hand in hand through all there guest as the confetti falls on them

bride crying at grooms speech tears are rooling down her face as shee wipes them away with her hand

bride and groom huge after his speech

full dance floor view from the balcony through the fairy lights
groom and guest doing line dancing at oxnead hall groom with sunglasses on


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