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Why winter family photo shoots are amazing


Most people book a family photographer in the summer. They want beautiful bright sunny images of their children running through the fields. I get it. I really do. But whilst summer is undoubtedly lovely for outdoor family photography, it’s often harder to get great shots. The sun is high in the sky and the light is hard and bright. I always schedule summer family photoshoots last thing in the day – sometimes starting around 7.00 pm. This isn’t always suitable for some families – especially with young children.

Every year I get to photograph this lovely family and each year we pick somewhere different to go. Also different times of the day. We have been out in the rain, on summer beach walks and now on a cold winter walk with fairy lights and the coldest mist.

Winter really is a lovely time of year for outdoor family photography… but wait, I’ll explain… I love it for a number of reasons. Let’s face it, This is the UK – you can never guarantee the weather at any time of year!

I love walking, exploring and chatting with my families on their photoshoots. Having a great bond and laughing a lot is the best way to capture these great family moments.

I like to make my photo sessions personal, and fun. I spend time getting to know my families I photograph so they feel comfortable with me. So I can get the best moments captured for you to keep and treasure forever.

So here is why you should consider a winter family session.

1 – Better Light

First and foremost is the light. During the winter months, the sun remains low in the sky throughout the day and the light is beautiful and easy to photograph in without hard shadows and harsh light. This gives more scope for shooting at any point during the day.

2 – Atmospheric scenery

Bad weather often helps create far more atmospheric photos. Whilst pouring rain is no fun for anybody, fog, mist, dark grey days and snow, all make great backdrops for more dramatic outdoor family photography!


3 – Colourful shots

Dark scenery and dreary weather give the opportunity for people in photos to really stand out. Families and children dressed in bright colours during winter family photo shoots look really good. The contrast between the bright primary colours and the dark wintery backdrop really helps the subject become the total focus of the photograph.


4 – Getting the family together

Summertime is often very busy with holidays, trips and activities. Autumn has Halloween and bonfire night, and then the lead-up to Christmas means it’s often hard to find a time you can all get together. January and February, however, are often quieter months. It’s far more likely you can get your family together for a photoshoot more easily.


5 – Wrap up warm!

I’m a big fan of bobble hats, wrapping up warm with big coats and scarves. I just LOVE a great wintery photograph when we are all wrapped up.


6 – quiet locations

Some of my favourite locations such as Dersingham bog and Lyngford Hall are much quieter during the winter months. This makes a family photo shoot much easier for everyone involved and more relaxing for those being photographed.


7 – A great excuse to snuggle up!

Chilly wintery weather is a great excuse to snuggle up and keep warm with those you love during your family photo shoot. Connection and emotion shown between family members during a photo shoot make much better family photographs!


8 – Warming up afterwards!

Lastly, but by no means least, is warming up afterwards. What better excuse is there to grab a hot chocolate and warm up after a great couple of hours outside?

Would you like to capture your family every year? Please get in contact and let's chat


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