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From Sunrise to 'I Do': The Beauty of Morning Wedding Photography

bride looking at her dress hung up in the window wearing her bride dressing gown in cyprus

As a wedding photographer, I have been lucky enough to witness countless beautiful moments between couples on their special day. There's something truly magical about capturing the love and excitement that fills the air during a wedding. While many people associate wedding photography with classic images of the ceremony, the first dance, and the cutting of the cake, there's something truly special about morning wedding photography that shouldn't be overlooked.

From bridal prep to groom prep, morning wedding photography offers a unique and intimate perspective that beautifully captures the anticipation, excitement, and love that fills the air before you say ‘I Do’. With the hustle and bustle of the day still to come, the morning presents the perfect opportunity to steal a few quiet moments you’ll cherish for years.

mum and daughter having a hug in the morning of mum wedding in cyprus wedding dress hung in the back ground mum eyes filling up with tears

The Bridal Prep

One of the most intimate and heartfelt moments of a wedding day is the bridal prep. This is a time for the bride to relax and bond with her closest friends and family as she prepares to walk down the aisle. Capturing these moments through photography can create beautiful and timeless images that the bride can cherish forever.

Your photographer can start by photographing the bride getting ready in her wedding robe, surrounded by her bridesmaids and closest family members. These candid shots can capture the laughter, excitement, and nervous anticipation that fills the room. From the bride's mother helping her into her dress to the bridesmaids admiring the final touches of hair and makeup, these moments are filled with emotion and love.

Bride sat in her wedding robe getting her make up done at godwick great barn norfolk

dad crying as giving his daughter a huge hug as she is sat in the chair getting her make up done in her wedding robe at godwick great barn

all girls ready on the wedding morning in their wedding robes sat on the queen four poster bed laughing and giggling at Godwick great barn

black and white close up photo of mum doing up daughters wedding dress with lots of lace and beautful detail at Godwick great barn

Moreover, the details of the bride's attire, such as her dress, shoes, jewellery, veil and any other sentimental items, can be captured in exquisite detail. These photos not only serve as beautiful memories but also act as inspiration for other brides who may be planning their own weddings.

Flowers and pearl shoes on the window ledge at bruisyard hall suffolk

flatlay with wedding shoes rings invites at south farm cambrige

The Groom Prep

While bridal prep is often the focal point of morning wedding photography, the groom's pre-wedding moments are equally significant and deserving of attention. The anticipation and nerves that the groom experiences as he prepares for the big day can provide compelling and emotional images that beautifully complement the bridal prep photos.

groom getting ready in his hotel room looking in the mirror and adjusting his tie cyprus wedding

Photographing the groom as he gets ready with his groomsmen or family members can capture moments of camaraderie, laughter, and maybe even a few jitters. Capturing the groom by putting on his tie, adjusting his suit, or sharing a quiet moment with his best man can evoke a range of emotions that add depth and richness to the wedding story.

both dads helping each other put their ties on laughing as one dad cuddles the other dad at the red barn Norfolk

Aside from the groom's attire, details such as cufflinks, watches, or sentimental items can also be photographed to document the personal touches that make the groom's attire unique and meaningful. These images not only showcase the groom's style but also provide a glimpse into his personality and the significance of the day.

groomsmen close up of their hands hold jäger small bottles all cheering to start their wedding day at the red barn Norfolk

groomsmen getting the wedding car a beatle all ready with ribbons and bows

black and white close up of the groomsmen putting on the cufflinks at The Red Barn

groom finishing off his speech with his army belts and medals beside him

The Beauty of Morning Light

In the early hours of the morning, as the sun starts to make its appearance, the light is soft and flattering, making for some truly enchanting photos. Whether it's the bride slipping into her gown or sharing a quiet moment with her bridesmaids, the gentle morning light adds a touch of ethereal beauty to the photographs, creating a dreamy, almost otherworldly atmosphere.

The gentle morning light also allows for more creativity in photography. From soft, romantic shots of the bride getting ready to candid, natural shots of the groom and his groomsmen, the morning provides a beautiful canvas for capturing the essence and emotion of the day.

From adding the finishing touches to your bridal look to sharing a toast with the groomsmen, bridal prep and groom prep are a beautiful and meaningful part of any wedding day. As a photographer, it's my goal to capture these moments authentically and beautifully, so that you can look back on them for years to come.

If you're planning your wedding and looking for a photographer who values the beauty of every moment, I would be honoured to chat with you about your big day. Let's capture the magic of your wedding from sunrise to 'I do'.

bride reading her letter from her groom as she sits at the besroom window with her hair being curled at south farm cambridge

grrom is ready to go in his suit sat on his dads car waiting for the groomsmen to arrive at south farm cambridge

bridesmaids helping bride in to her dress bride is smiling from ear to ear as the final touches are coming together

black and white photo of the groom putting his tie on you can see he is nervous

bride with her sisters all jumped on teh sofa together everyone sitting on top of each other laughing

brides hair is all does and the clips have been put in a close up shot of the plats and flowers

bride and sister putting hands up as they want a cuppa teain the morning as mum comes in the room at elms barn

datailed back shot of the wedding dress with all its lace and embroidery with bridesmaid looking at her bride

bride and her maid of honour having a cuddle and a fear tears before they leave the house at Elms Barn to get in the car

father of the bride in the kitchen reading over his speech before he goes to see his daughter for the first time

father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time opens his arms and has the biggest smile on his face


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