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Photography Mini Sessions, What Are They?


A Mini Sessions is exactly what it sounds like a smaller version of the You & Me Session I already offer as a photographer.

These Sessions are NOT:

  • my regular photo session is offered at a discount.

  • sit look at the camera and smile

Just as you’d pay less for one scoop of ice cream versus three, you will pay less for a mini session versus full sessions!

A Mini Session is perfect for families and clients who aren’t ready to commit to full sessions, but still want to experience your photography work.

My Mini Sessions last either 15 or 30 mins. I do these either in the studio or out on location. I always ask my clients to arrive 10 mins before their session to make sure they are there on time and also we can chat a few minis before we start.

Studio – There is an area to wait outside and wait

Locations – Depending on where we do the session, I try to meet you at the car park or an area where you can see me working and wait.

Mini sessions are great for couples and families, we always start the session with a hug or snuggle close together then we have some fun and always end the session with a hug too.

I try and do these mini-sessions throughout the year, my favourites are Spring and Autumn session

  • 15 mins sessions are £60 with 3 images

  • 30 mins sessions are £100 with 5 images

  • Both sessions are for families of up to 5 people – you can add more family members, but this will cost more.

What do you get in a full session?

I do two different You & Me sessions.

Both come with:-

  • 2 hours

  • Location or your home session

  • All images to download from your own private gallery

We can relax, take a walk, explore our area, or even bake a cake at our home. We make this time fun and more special.

  • Sessions with small families of up to 4 people are £350

  • Sessions with large families of 5 and more are £450

Here are some images from this year's mini-sessions. The fun and lots of cuddles.


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