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Why have photos taken as a family


There are many reasons why taking photos of your family is important. First and foremost, photographs capture memories that will last a lifetime. As time passes, our children grow up and our loved ones may pass away, but the memories we create together can be preserved through photographs. Having these images to look back on can help us feel connected to those we love even when they are no longer with us.

In addition to preserving memories, family photos document the growth and changes within our families over time. Looking back at old photos can show how much our children have grown or how our relationships have evolved. It's also a great way to see how fashion trends and hairstyles have changed throughout the years!

Finally, taking family photos provides quality time spent together as a family.

  • Family portraits boost your children's self-esteem! It's actually been proven by psychologists that it's incredibly healthy for your children to physically see your family as a unit, and to see themselves represented as a valued member of that unit.

By having family portraits hanging on your walls at home, your children grow up knowing that they belong and they are loved. You may be thinking, “My child is the background of my phone, does that have the same effect?” While I’m sure that does help, the psychologists who conducted this study seem to think that the sensory and accessible act of touching and seeing a portrait on their wall makes it a habitual sight, reinforcing these esteem-boosting ideas.

  • Family portraits are fun! I have so many clients who tell us how much they enjoyed the photo session experience as a bonding time for their family. Sometimes all it takes is a photographer asking you to hug or snuggle your child or to smile at your spouse and laugh. We don’t always make enough time for fun family experiences, and this definitely can be one.

I know that life gets busy, and I know it can be hard to get the whole family together sometimes, but family pictures are truly an irreplaceable event. I hope you consider family portraits this year and every year.












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