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Top 5 newborn baby photography tips


My top 5 newborn baby photography tips

1 - Safety is always my first priority

I always make sure all my families who come to the studio are aware that their newborn baby's safety is my number one priority. I never leave your baby alone on my posing table or in a prop. Understanding, not all babies can do all poses


2 - Book your session early

As soon as you find out you are pregnant I would start looking around for a newborn photographer you like. We book up fast. This allows us time to plan and get the session that you want. It is also nice to get some photos taken when you are pregnant, it is best to capture these moments between 30-35 weeks. Document the whole experience. It's an amazing time.


3 - Feed when you arrive at the studio

I like mums or dads to feed the baby when you arrive, you can relax I will make you a drink and we can chat. I prefer babies to come hungry that way babies can get used to the studio. Let's get baby milk drunk and super sleepy content baby (fingers crossed)


4 - Keeping baby calm

The key thing is to relax and be patient. The more relaxed Mum & Dad are the more relaxed baby will be. Named babies get cold, so the studio will be extra warm. The warmer the temperature will help your newborn stay asleep, and feel safe and happy.


5 - Managing your expectations

Before the actual photo shoot, you should take some time to talk to your photographer about your vision or ideas for the newborn session. This might be about posing, props, shooting, style or really anything connected to the session itself



Bonus tip - Allow extra time

Newborn baby sessions can take anything from 2 hours up to 4 hours. If you want to have photos taken with siblings or your baby is not wanting to sleep this can always add on time. Don't plan too much in your day, bring snacks and stuff for siblings too.




The studio is in Swaffham a great space where you can relax and watch me capture your little ones sleeping or having fun.


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